Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We’ve built a market-leading product that’s making work easier for thousands of teams around the world.



It’s a good and free website. I needed to send a form and several supporting documents to it. The service helped me to combine PDFs in less than a minute. After that, I just attached it to an e-mail and sent it without any problems.



The best service I have ever tried for combining multiple files! I was looking for a simple solution that required no registration. But I got even more than expected when I discovered that all of the documents that I needed could quickly be merged into one.



It’s a very simple interface. For me, the good solutions are those that are easy to use. This one made my day when I ended up having to only spend less than a minute on merging my documents.



In the past it was always difficult for me to combine several PDFs in one. But luckily I found this platform. It’s cool, as there aren’t any annoying advertisements and registration requirements. Now I’m using AltoMergePDF on a daily basis.



It’s simple and it’s free. I always wondered why I always had to pay for similar services, since I would only merge documents once or twice in any given year. Now I know that there’s a secure and free platform where I can freely process my PDFs.



I wanted to combine my images with textual information and this solution helped me do that. I never thought it could be so easy! Thanks a lot!



Cool website that saved me time and money. I never faced the problem of combining several separate documents into one, but this platform has shown me that it’s really easy. Now I’ve got one PDF containing all the information I need.



I was able to merge several documents into one, right from my smartphone. It was very easy and fast. Quite a good service for those who need to merge their PDFs while on the go.



Thank you! You’ve created a really cool and free solution that helped me merge my forms and additional documents into one PDF. Cool service!